My Pheromone Introduction and Review

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In this article, what’s happening specifically regarding the detection of a pheromone? Topics include what are all the system that detect pheromones? How is this information processed by the brain and how our behaviors specific behaviors generated? How is the quality of the pheromone information perceived and how does it lead to behavioral changes?

Pheromones and Vomeronasal Organ

The assumption for a very long time that the vomeronasal system was specialized in the detection of pheromones and the olfactory system was specialized in the detection of the order of chemicals. This notion came from surgical ablation experiments in which people had a surgically ablated the olfactory system. And this leads to a defect in mating or aggressive behavior and therefore, I’m presumably the detection of pheromones. The notion that these two systems share the work between cognitive smell and instinctive smell also originate from the study of the central projection of the system according to

Pheromones in Mammals

We know that in rodents, fighting behavior between two males arises from the detection of male pheromones according to

Why I Started Using Pheromones

I want to tell you guys to have it became popular with women. First, you need to know that. I’ve always been shy and self-conscious when being around him and I’ve read hundreds of guys and how to get their attention because that was my biggest problem. Something needs didn’t work. Some of them were just not for me because I was still too shy, so I decided to change my approach. I turned to pheromones. I found some pheromones that actually worked. The change was visible from day one. I haven’t become more handsome, but women started to react differently. Some of them chatted me up when I was at the bar. Well, some of them were just directly hitting on me. I became more confident and more open. Now, whenever I go clubbing, I stick to undermine, so to sum up, pheromones gave me this special something which I’d never had before. It worked for me.


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